My self-advocacy to raise awareness for child abuse began way back in October of 2013. Since that time I have learned quite a lot and now I would like to share the knowledge I have gained in hopes of creating a constructive platform that can help protect children.

I am a Penn Stater, and damn proud of it. When the Jerry Sandusky scandal broke in November of 2011, I was shocked and sickened. I was humiliated, to say the very least. At the time I did not think it was possible that one man could do so much harm. Admittedly, I did not think that there was any way Sandusky could have been such a monster and that no one could have known what he was doing.

From there my curiosity peaked, and I decided to begin reading scholarly articles, reputable books, and dive more into how Jerry Sandusky was able to do what he did, so successfully, for so long. I was not interested in the stories the mainstream media was (and still is; cue Penn State football, Joe Paterno, etc.), but what I was interested in was the mind of pedophiles, and the process our systems — schools, police, households, etc. — have in place to protect children. I wanted to know how effective these policies really were.

What I uncovered is how ineffective many of the current systematic plans are, and how little change has occurred over the years even as more information is presented about how prevalent molestation of children actually is. The ignorance is sad.

Unfortunately, child abuse is something that is never going to fully go away. I understand that, as should you. But that does not mean we should give up on children. Cancer is a bitch and kills millions of people each year, but do we give up on trying to find a cure? No, we donate billions of dollars to research the disease and fund finding a cure.

Because child molestation is so prevalent now does not mean it needs to be for the next generation of children. The process of ending that prevalence starts with educating people, and that can all start right here. I have a small platform, but I will continue my fight to raise awareness both here and in the communities I am a part of.

I encourage you to read through my posts, look over your own content (you can find recommendations here), interact with me on Facebook and Twitter, or shoot me an e-mail — westandforthem@gmail.com.

This blog can be a platform to start discussions on the things we need to know, but do not want to talk about. I can protect children by becoming educated, and so can you!

I’ll meet you further on up the road.

– Colin



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